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China, Guangzhou

☎ + 86 136 2288 6224 (english) 


Surgery price

Surgery cost includes:

  • transfer from Guangzhou airport (or any hotel) to the hospital and back
  • separate ward (2 beds) for patient and his relative
  • providing three meals a day for patient and his relative
  • laboratory tests and diagnostic examinations before surgery:
    • Blood tests: (Blood routine examination, Blood coagulation function, Blood biochemistry test)
    • Ultrasound of abdominal
    • Electrocardiogram, Echocardiography
    • Computer tomography of abdominal
    • X-ray
    • Urine test, stool test: (Urine routine examination, Stool routine examination)
  • gallbladder-preserving cholelithotomy/ polypectomy
  • providing all necessary medicines during and after surgery
  • gallstones and polyps formulation report (histological examination)

Air tickets and visas are not included in the surgery cost.

THE TOTAL SURGERY COST for November 2018 is 41200 RMB (yuan)

 The price can be increased since January 8, 2019


Payment can be made only after getting admission for surgery according to patient's examination resutls.


Attention! The gallbladder preserving cholelithotomy performs personally by Dr.Qiao  - the inventor of endoscopes and founder of Gallbladder disease Institute.