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Patient's file

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How to make an appointment?

To sign for surgery please read Contraindications. If you have some contraindications - contact us and describe your diagnosis. Every situation will be considered individually.

After that fill in the Patient’s file and send to e-mail your gallbladder (or abdomen) ultrasound results: USI images of gallbladder and doctor’s conclusion (report).

Gallbladder USI report should include:

  • gb wall thickness
  • gb size and gb shape
  • gallstones (polyps) size
  • gallstones are movable or not
  • bile ducts are free of concrements or not
  • any gb deformations, flexures
  • signs of non functioning gb
  • doctor’s conclsuion

Surgery indications:

  1. Symptomatic gallbladder stones
  2. Cholecystolithiasis with gallbladder polyps
  3. Solitary gallbladder polyps
  4. Symptomatic gallbladder polyps


  1. Acute Cholecystitis (Episode within one month)
  2. Diabetes
  3. Coronary disease
  4. Choledocholithiasis
  5. Cirrhosis
  6. Gallbladder wall thickness more than 3mm (need to take medicine for 7-14 days)
  7. Hernia of navel (individually)
  8. Operation history of upper abdomen (liver/stomach/spleen)
  9. Tuberculosis
  10. BMI more 25 (need to see patient's pictures)
  11. Pyelonephritis
  12. Reactive pancreatitis
  13. Other serious disease 

Ages over 60 is NOT a contraindication.

Patient’s file

All the results will be properly examined within 1-3 working days.

If the situation is not clear enough we will ask you to send some more details (for ex: ECG, CT, X-ray, blood tests, etc.)

After you will get a doctor’s agreement to come for surgery, you can negotiate a date of your arrival to the hospital by phone or e-mail. Then you should buy airtickets, obtain chinese visas and send airtickets and visas copies to e-mail 

According to airtickets copies you will get a ward reservations (for you and your relative) for one week and a surgery date.

On the arrival day you will be met at the Guangzhou airport and taken to the hospital.

Next day you will go through all examinations (all the list is on the page Surgery cost). When the results are ready, our doctors' team confirms if you can get a gallbladder preserving surgery next day or not.