Gallbladder preserving surgery

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The most popular questions:

1. Do you have representatives in the other countries? Do you perform a gallbladder surgery outside of China?

- We do not have any offices outside of our hospital in Giangzhou, and we do not perform the gallbladder preserving surgery anywhere else.

2. I have no chance to come for surgery with relatives or friends. Can I come alone?

- Yes. You can come alone. We will provide you all necessary care after surgery. You will stay with a personal nurse for the first 6 hours after surgery. Later you can push the button on the bed and call a nurse to come to you ward.

3. How long time it needs to recover after surgery and get back to work?

- You should stay at the hospital for 5-6 days after surgery. During these days you will get a treatment. After the treatment is finished you can have a flight and get back to your normal way of life. For more information please read our website page "After surgery".

4. What to do if I have a severe pain few days  before flight for surgery?

- If you have just few days before leaving for surgery and already feel pain, then go to see your doctor and get a prescribtion for medicine. Start to take it as soon as possible and keep taking it till the surgery day.

5. After last pain attack I have a fear to have a long flight to China. 

- Follow the right nutrition 2 weeks before arrival to the hospital. Start to take special medicine beforehand to keep your gallbladder from inflammation and pain. Consult with your doctor. Usually 7-14 days course of medicine is enough to prevent a pain attack or strong inflammation. 

6. I don't speak chinese. Does anyone speak english at the hospital? or should I hire a chinese enterpreter?

- There is no need to look for someone who can speak chinese. Medical staff can speak english.


If you have any other questions please contact us :

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