Gallbladder preserving surgery

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Gallstones removal

Remove gallstones without removing gallbladder

We cut a small right subcostal incision(2-4cm) (Picture 1).

Get laparoscope inside abdomen through the navel incision (0.5cm) under the monitoring, grasp gallbladder with forceps and get it closer to the abdominal wall.


Picture 1. Incisions

Then cut the gallbladder on the bottom (less than 6mm), explore it inside, then drain the bile out with a sterile ventricular drainage tube. When the bile is drained out, the gallbladder explores with CHiAO cholecystoscope. (Picture 2)


Picture 2. CHiAO cholecystoscope

The large stones (Φ≥0.5cm) we remove by the stone basket (Picture 3), while the small stones (Φ<0.5cm), the bile sludge and sand-like stones we remove by the sand–like stones absorbing box using negative pressure. We remove polyps and tiny stone using mini forceps (Picture 4) and stop the bleeding by mini electric stick (Picture 5-6).


Picture 3. Stone extracted basket


Picture 4. Mini forceps


Picture electric stick removing polyp


Picture 6. Mini electric stick removing polyp

When all concrements are taken out we check the gallbladder cavity again.

At last, we sew the incision of the gallbladder bottom with absorbable catgut by double interlocking suture, then make sure that the suture is tight enough and then sew the abdominal wall layer by layer. In the end, the skin sticks by medical glue, so you can’t see any stitches from the outside.

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