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Surgery without removing gallbladder

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Organazing groups of 10-20 patients for Consulting and Surgeries abroad              


Warsaw, Poland  / Group for August 2020 

Delhi, India / Group for August 2020   

Ulanbator, Mongolia  / Group for August 2020

Los Angeles, USA / Group for August 2020


Singapore / Group for September 2020

Bucharest, Romania  / Group for September 2020

Sydney, Australia / Group for September 2020

London, UK / Group for September 2020


Prague, Czech Republic / Group for October 2020

New York City, USA 

Manila, Philippines

Jakarta, Indonesia

Brasilia, Brasil

Tel Aviv, Israel

Oslo, Norway                                 

Rome, Italy 


Istanbul, Turkey

Lissabon, Portugese

Athens, Greece

Berlin, Germany

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Searching for representatives around the world for consulting service and patients' support 

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