Gallbladder preserving surgery

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About gallbladder surgery


Endoscopes (and all surgery device) creating history

As an excellent surgeon, Dr. Qiao realizes that ‘To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools’. In order to develop special endoscopes for gallbladder preservation cholelithotomy, he founded Guangzhou Medical Instrument Technology Company. Centering on ‘people-oriented and people’s health oriented’ concept, Company keeps inventing and developing more humanized medical device, and forms a complete industry chain of ‘design-patent-product-sale’, with the trademark CHiAO.

CHiAO series are mainly endoscope systems, as well as some accessory equipment, such as HD biliary tract endoscope system, hysteroscope system, laparoscope system, balloon rectoscope, balloon colposcope, intelligent robotic arm etc. More than 10 endoscope members have joined the CHiAO product family, like percutaneous transhepatic biliary tract endoscope, intra-operative biliary tract endoscope, mother-baby laryngendoscope and 3D operation camera assistant.

Operation developing history

In September 2006, under the direction of Prof. Zhang Baoshan, a famous expert in endoscopy, Dr. Qiao took the lead in performing gallbladder preservation cholelithotomy/polypectomy with new endoscope in Guangdong.

In 2007, he pioneered the minimally invasive gallbladder preservation cholelithotomy/polypectomy with rigid endoscope, which has 7 unique operation skills of ‘pushing, squeezing, pressing, tearing, expanding, rinsing and absorbing’ and discovered intra-mucosa stones in gallbladder first.

In December 2007, Dr. Qiao and Prof. Zhang successfully held ‘The First National Conference of Minimally Invasive Gallbladder Preservation Cholelithotomy/Polytectomy with Endoscope’, turning the new page of endoscopic gallbladder preservation cholelithotomy/polypectomy in China.

In May 2008, Gallbladder Disease Institute of National hepatobiliary & enteric Surgery Research Center, which is the first and the only national academic institute with the purpose of studying gallbladder diseases, was founded. At the same time, Gallbladder Disease Institute of Guangzhou was founded and Dr.Qiao was appointed director.

In 2008, Dr. Qiao presented a developing mode of ‘integration of medicine, industry, science and commerce’. Actively exploring and practicing, he opened up a brand new path for the development of Chinese medicine.

In 2008, Dr. Qiao created ‘CHiAO Endoscope’, successfully transformed part of his patents to real products. 

In 2009, Dr. Qiao presented that the ultimate aim of gallbladder preservation cholelithotomy/polypectomy was not just removing gallstones, but to take precautions against gallbladder stones. To achieve this aim, we are developing a new device since 2017.

In August 2011, Gallbladder Disease Laboratory was founded.

In February 2012, a research paper of the design and clinical application of CHiAO rigid biliary tract endoscope was published in ‘Review of Scientific Instruments’.

In April 2012, Dr.Qiao and his team first discovered cystine gallbladder stones in human and published their research findings in European Jounal of Medical Research.

In November 2012, CHiAO endoscopes were successfully launched, bringing breakthrough to gallbladder preservation cholelithotomy/polypectomy.

More and more patients with gallbladder stones or polyps are choosing gallbladder preservation  - cholelithotomy/polypectomy with rigid (CHiAO) endoscope.